Camera Club of Hendersonville

Before & After Side-By-Side Images

Here are the images for the upcoming Before & After meeting. Images are available in three forms:

If you’d like to get all of the images in a single download, click the link below.
(Note: This is a large file, approximately 229MB)

To download an individual image, RAW or JPEG, click on the appropriate link below the image you’re interested in. The images are in compressed ZIP files so they will be downloaded automatically to the location defined in your browser.

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How’s This All Going to Work?

The Before & After activity is all about showing off your creative interpretation of a photo. You take one or more of the images and process it any way you want. You can do basic things like color-balance, brightness, contrast and cropping. You can also add an artistic rendition with textures or painterly effects or anything else that strikes your fancy. The only thing you can’t do is add or remove significant elements. It’s not fair to add a pink flamingo! It is okay to clean-up small distractions like power lines though.

This is an opportunity to let your imagination run free so have fun and share your way of seeing the images.

To get started, pick one or more of the images, and download them to your computer. You can pick three different images, or you can do three different versions of one image, or anything in-between. Once you’ve processed the images to your satisfaction, submit up to three JPEGs as follows:

Note - do not add watermarks, copyrights or signatures to the images as the originals are the property of the original photographer.

At the meeting, we’ll have two projectors side-by-side – one showing the original, unprocessed, image, and one showing the submitted image. As the images are shown, the submitter will share their vision and how they processed the image so we can all learn and grow.


It’s going to be a great evening sharing our creativity.
Process up a couple of images, send them in and join in the fun!